Our School

  • Staff

    At LJS we have a dedicated team of staff who work hard to ensure that all children receive the appropriate support and guidance they need to flourish.

    Our staff team is made up of:


    Mr D Twyman


    Deputy Headteacher 

    Mrs. N Moossun


    Class Based Middle Leaders


    Mr. E Page, Mr. R Dando and Mrs. C Colmer


    Teaching Staff


    Mrs. T Davies, Miss. E Gutsell, Mrs. H Murt, Mr. L Burton, Mrs. T Beusmans, Mrs. E Hussey, Mrs. L Daniel


    Teaching Assistants


    Miss. K Bithell, Mrs. J Collings, Mrs. K Gostt, Mrs. P Ketley, Mrs. H Rose, Mrs. S Brown, Miss. P Mitchell, Miss. J Pink, Miss. M Lazzeri, Miss. S Onions, Mrs. B Stewart, Miss. D Renouf, Mrs. M Staines


    Stay & Play Club Administrator


    Miss D Renouf


    Administrative Staff


    Mrs. J Lavis, Mrs. M Backer Dirks, Miss. E Bulman




    Mr. B Woodford



  • Safeguarding

    The safety and well being of our children is a key priority for all. We have a range of safeguarding measures in place and robust child protection procedures.

    As a school we have a responsibility to inform children and family services if we have concerns about the welfare and safety of a child in our school.

    For full details you can download the latest web versions of the school policies below

    Safeguarding Policy 2017 – 18 September update

    For your child’s safety we ask all visitors to ensure they enter through the main entrance to the school and report to a member of the office staff, signing into the visitors’ book and receiving a visitors’ badge.

    All visitors will be made aware of the health & safety leaflet displayed by the school office. This leaflet contains important information for about their and everyone else’s safety.

    If a parent wishes to speak to their child’s class teacher and is unable to see them at the end of the school day, please see a member of the office staff who will be able to sort out a convenient time.

    Please note: as they will be preparing for or teaching lessons, Teachers will be unavailable before and during the school day.

    Parents should not enter the school through the cloakroom doors. These entrances are for the children’s use only.

    At the end of the day any children who are still awaiting collection will wait in the school office. They will inform a staff member when they leave so that we can be assured that everyone is off the school site safely.

    If your child has a friend who’s parent is running late, please do not take them from the school site. You may like to wait with the children until their parent arrives however a member of staff will be available at the school gate in case of any problems.

    These measures are in place for the security of all members of the school community. Information relating to the school’s statutory duties in this area can be found in the Government publication Keeping Children Safe in Education – 2016 update.

  • Attainment

    There are many different measure by which we assess and evaluate children’s achievements and attainment. Within a school context a key measure is to consider how well prepared children are for the next steps in their learning.

    Summary Reports

    As a Junior School we strive to ensure that all our children are ready both emotionally and academically to meet the challenges of a secondary school curriculum. A clear indicator of this is how well children attain in their end of Key Stage Assessments or SATs.

    The following summary reports give you a flavour of this attainment. Below are the headline performance figures for children who left our school at or above the expected attainment point for Year 6 children at the end of the 2016/17 academic year. You can get additional information from our profile on the Department of Education as well as the opportunity to compare against other schools. To view this page click here.

    % Pupils who achieved the expected standard in Reading87%
    % Pupils who achieved the expected standard in Writing84%
    % Pupils who achieved the expected standard in Maths84%
    % Pupils who achieved the high standard in Reading41%
    % Pupils who achieved the high standard in Writing16%
    % Pupils who achieved the high standard in Maths27%
    Average Scaled Score Reading107
    Average Scaled Score Maths105
    Average Progress Score Reading0.6
    Average Progress Score Writing-1.6
    Average Progress Score Maths-1.4


  • Classes

    We have eight classes in the school organised into two classes for each year group.

    We benefit from a range of additional rooms such as a dedicated ICT suite, music room, outside classroom, library and open shared areas between the lower and upper school.

    We also offer a very popular breakfast and after school club providing extended child care.

  • Family Support Team

    We have a dedicated team of Family Support Workers led by Mrs. Moossun our Inclusion Manager. The team, as part of a larger Cluster initiative, are able to support families and pupils for a range of different reasons.

    Teachers work closely with Mrs Rose (our qualified ELSA) to help provide children with additional guidance when facing barriers to their learning or other social/emotional difficulties.

  • Values and Ethos - The LJ Way

    To help all members of our school community understand our school’s unique ethos, we worked with the children to develop ‘The LJ Way’.

    This approach states in clear, simple terms the values and behaviour we expect every member of our school community to demonstrate both in and out of school.

    To do things the ‘LJ Way’ we need to:

    • Take responsibility for our actions and choices
    • Try our best in everything we do
    • Be kind and helpful
    • Show respect for everyone and everything
    • Help others follow the LJ Way
  • Policies