New Forest Hockey Tournament – Click on the photo for further images

What an amazing afternoon of Hockey!

2 teams from LJS, Team Magner and Team Lambert , were participants in The New Forest School Sport U11’s Hockey Competition.

Team Lambert , in Group 2, played 4 games with mixed results. After a nervous and ‘polite’ start they were narrowly beaten by Marchwood. Confidence grew as a result of a 0-0 draw with Blackfield B team. Beating Brockenhurst 2-0 was very satisfying and the taste of victory spurred on the team to go on and beat Hordle A team 4-0. Unfortunately this was not quite enough to progress through to the quarter finals, but losing with good grace, many of the squad stayed on to encourage Team Magner as they headed into their quarter final against Blackfield A team.

Team Magner, in Group 1, started their run of victories over Brockenhurst (2-0), Pennington B (5-0) and Ringwood (3-0).

The quarter final was won 2-0 against Blackfield A

The team knew that if the next game, the semifinal, against Blackfield B could be won then they would automatically qualify for the Hampshire County Finals in June. Team focus was at its height as skill and tactics combined to win LJS’s first ever place in the hockey finals! Mrs Magner jumped for joy around the pitch. You could say she was quite delighted!

The final, against Abbotwood A, was the kind of game that kept spectators frustrated and hardly able to watch as, although LJS dominated the play, a goal was still elusive. By the end of the 6 minute game and extra time, neither team were able to make a break through so the golden goal was to be fought for.

After injury forced Guy from the pitch, he was ably replaced by Ferdy. It was only a minute later that, despite having most of the play, LJS conceded their only goal of the whole afternoon to become runners-up.

Obviously this was a huge disappointment but such a massive achievement by children who have been playing hockey for only 2 seasons. The pride that Mrs Magner and Mr Lambert have in all the children who took part in this event is immense and we both admire the way in which everyone dealt with losing as well as celebrating victory. Good sportsmanship was the overall winner of the day.

Thank you to all the parents who supported us. Your presence made all the difference.

Well done to all of you.

Mrs Magner.   Teacher in charge of Hockey.

Team Magner                                                              Team Lambert

Louis Tollerfield (capt)                                         Max Parfitt (capt)

Ferdy Bailey                                                             Jay Blythe

Alexander Oatley                                                   Jay Gwilliam

Alexander Brain                                                     Jasper Moosun

Ted Ward                                                                 Charlie Taylor

Guy Rimmer                                                             Max Reggio

Ruth Turberville                                                     Emmie Nisbet

Kayleigh Robinson                                                  Phoebe Elliot