Year 4's Page...

Welcome to our Year group webpage.

We hope you all had a lovely Summer and are raring to go! We're hoping the weather will be kind so that we can make the most of our school grounds and sporting opportunities throughout the term.

This year your Teachers are:

Mrs Moossun, Mrs Murt, Mrs Daniel and Mrs Magner

and your Teaching Assistants are:

Miss Renouf, Miss Lazzeri, Mrs Staines

Read on below to find out what we've been doing recently!

4C pop up art gallery

4C have made sculptures from recycled materials.  They had the theme of nature.  They then displayed them in the outdoor classroom.

Added by Mr Dando

Emergency Services Morning

We had a great time with the Hampshire Air Ambulance and Hampshire Police. They taught us all about staying safe and what to do in an emergency. We even got to dress up and have a look around a police car.

Added by Mr Lambert

Recycled Art

recycled art

4C worked together to recreate an image we found of recycled art.  After Hurricane Katrina, the locals collected washed up bottle lids and created a  colourful wall to bring back some cheerfulness but also to remember the events that happened to them.

Added by Mr Dando

Italian Day

Samuel managed to make his gondola float!

Added by Mr Dando

Breakfast Week

We learnt so much about healthy eating this week and focussed particularly on breakfast. We started the week with a cook off in assembly between Mr Lambert and Mrs Moossun. In class we discussed how food choices impact upon our health and finally we all enjoyed a breakfast at school. Many thanks to Waitrose Lymington and to Mel in the kitchen for providing us with fruit, bread, jam and milk. We really enjoyed our healthy start!

Added by Mr Lambert