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Hello to all Year 6 pupils and parents !

This final year at LJS will be fast, furious and action packed; offering a variety of exciting opportunities including the residential to Kingswood, on the Isle of Wight, our Leavers Production and preparation for moving on to pastures new.
This is an extremely important year in the children’s academic journey as they will have to complete the Key Stage 2 SATs tests. Whilst this can be considered to be a challenge and a stressful time we believe this is an opportunity for the children to show off their excellence and skills gained throughout the four years at our school.

Good Luck to all of you!

This year your Teachers are:

Mr Page and Miss Gutsell

and your Teaching Assistants are:

Mrs Ketley, Mrs Stewart, Miss Pink

Read on below to find out what we've been doing recently!

Kingswood 2015!

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Breakfast Week

We learnt so much about healthy eating this week and focussed particularly on breakfast. We started the week with a cook off in assembly between Mr Lambert and Mrs Moossun. In class we discussed how food choices impact upon our health and finally we all enjoyed a breakfast at school. Many thanks to Waitrose Lymington and to Mel in the kitchen for providing us with fruit, bread, jam and milk. We really enjoyed our healthy start!

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FAIL! (First Attempt In Leaning)

We have been looking at how failure can ultimately lead to great success this week. Year 6 worked hard to complete a mathematical problem involving frogs and toads. In order to succeed the children had to use trial and improvement techniques to work out all of the wrong answers. This helped them to find the right answer and, more importantly, build their resilience!

If you would like to try the game try the link here:

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Priestlands Visit

Year 6 had a great morning visiting Priestlands school as part of their transition work into Year 7!


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Writing in History

An amazing example of cross-curricular writing by Amy. She has been working hard to develop this both in and outside of school.

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