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Governors and Statutory Financial Information

At full strength, the governing body of Lymington Junior School has 12 members. These governors are either Parent, Staff, Local Authority or Co-opted Governors.


The governing body at Lymington Junior School, like those at all schools across the country, has a general responsibility for seeing that the school is run effectively and promotes high standards of educational achievement for all its pupils. The Governors’ role is to take a strategic view, working in partnership with our Headteacher and other staff members, to determine priorities, prepare and review policies, plan targets and resources, monitor and evaluate results and manage the budget. They fulfil the important role of a ‘critical friend’ for the school.


In order to achieve this, the Full Governing Body meets at least monthly during term time. In addition, some work is delegated to committees – each committee meets as required. The committees currently in place at Lymington Junior School are:


Full Governing Body Meetings

The overall purpose of our full governing body meetings is to:

* Work together on strategic matters including – aims, vision, school development planning, school self-evaluation etc.

* Have oversight of the work of the committees


Pay Committee

The pay committee oversees the implementation of the governing body’s policies for pay and performance management policies to ensure that they are contributing to improving standards.


Head teacher Performance Management Committee

These governors are supported by an external advisor and their role is to ensure that good personnel management practices are extended to the Head teacher and that the pay and performance management policies are also applied to other staff by the Head teacher in a way that continues to contribute to the school’s high standards of provision for our children.



Panels are only convened as and when required – their purpose is to offer an independent review. Panel members would be selected according to the specific circumstance; this is so that a hearing can be conducted by governors who have not been closely involved in the matter prior to that point.


Other background information about how we work

Our governors undertake training and development to support them in their specific role, we also draw on external advisors and work within Hampshire Local Authority frameworks in areas including personnel matters and finance.


Governors visit school to undertake regular monitoring and evaluation activities and some are also able to give extra time to get more closely involved in the life of the schools. This could include activities such as helping out with school trips, hearing children read, school council, pupil interviews, projects, class activities and events.


If you would like more information, governors can be contacted via the school office.

Visit the Hampshire County Council School Governor Page for further information on the role of the governor.

Contact One of the School's Governors


Our Governors welcome feedback and comment from parents. If you would like to contact a Governor, you can do this in any of the following ways:


  • Face to face – Governors are regularly at the school either helping in classes, discussing matters with the teaching staff and in the case of Parent Governors dropping or collecting their children at the beginning and end of the day.
  • By email via: 
  • Confidentially by sealed letter – Marked for the attention of the Governor concerned via the School Office.

Could you be a school governor?

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For more information about the role of Governor at LJS, including to arrange an informal meeting with the Chair of Governors and/or the Headteacher, please contact the school office on: 01590 674383 or 

Statutory Financial Information

The Lymington Junior School page on the school’s financial benchmarking site can be found by following this link.


None of the school’s employees have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.


None of the school's employees are union officials.