Lymington Junior School

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Ofsted and Performance Data


As a state maintained school we are inspected by Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education).


Our most recent inspection was conducted in June 2023 and found Lymington Junior School continues to be good and that pupils behave well and delight in working together.


In particular the inspector praised that pupils are proud to attend this welcoming, inclusive school.


All of our school's reports from Ofsted inspections, including our most recent, can be downloaded here.

Performance Data

At LJS, we strive to ensure that all our children are ready both emotionally and academically to meet the challenges of a secondary school curriculum. A clear indicator of this is how well children attain in their Statutory End of Key Stage Assessments (known as SATs).


We are very proud of the fact that by the time they leave LJS, our children's attainment is significantly above that achieved by their peers in all other types of schools across the Country and is routinely within the top 5% of all schools nationally.


Below are the headline performance figures for children who left our school at or above the expected attainment point for Year 6 children at the end of the 2018/19 academic year (please note: due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, this was the last cohort externally tested at the end of Year 6).


You can get additional information from the Department of Education’s ‘compare school performance website’ here. To view our school's page simply click here.


% Pupils who achieved the expected standard or higher in Reading93%
% Pupils who achieved the expected standard or higher in Writing95%
% Pupils who achieved the expected standard or higher in Maths95%
% Pupils who achieved the high standard in Reading53%
% Pupils who achieved the high standard in Writing32%
% Pupils who achieved the high standard in Maths39%
Average Scaled Score Reading109.5
Average Scaled Score Maths107.7
Average Scaled Score Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling109.7
Average Progress Score (KS1 to KS2) Reading1.62
Average Progress Score (KS1 to KS2) Writing0.42
Average Progress Score (KS1 to KS2)  Maths-0.25


NB: The Department for Education (DfE) states that, “We know from national data that pupils at junior schools, on average, have higher attainment scores at the end of key stage 2 than pupils at all other primary schools. However, on average, they also have lower progress scores. This may be for a variety of reasons and should be taken into account when comparing their results to schools which start educating their pupils from the beginning of key stage 1.” (Quote taken from the DfE Compare School Performance Website – link above).