Lymington Junior School

Learning Joy Success

Who’s Who

At LJS we have a dedicated team of staff who work hard to ensure that all children receive the appropriate support and guidance they need to flourish.


Our staff team is currently made up of:




Mr. D Twyman


Deputy Headteacher/SENCo


Mrs. N Moossun

Assistant Headteacher


Mr. E Page



Senior Teachers



Mr. R Dando and Mrs. C Colmer


Teaching Staff



Miss. E Gutsell, Mrs. H Murt,

Mr. L Burton, Mrs. T Beusmans,

Mrs. E Hussey, Mrs. L Daniel,

Mrs J Ross


Cover Teacher


Miss. J Pink


Teaching Assistants



Miss. K Bithell, Mrs. J Collings,

Mrs. K Gostt, Mrs. H Rose,

Mrs. S Brown, Miss. P Mitchell,

Miss. S Onions, Mrs. B Stewart,

Miss. D Renouf, Mrs. M Staines,

Mrs. B Brotherton, Mr K Davis


Stay & Play Club Manager


Miss D Renouf


Administrative Staff



Mrs. J Lavis, Mrs. M Backer Dirks,

Mrs. C Sparkes





Mr. B Woodford